The Importance of Landscaping in Every Project!

It’s a well-known factor on how landscaping can turn any space into a paradise. It’s a wonderful gift explored by many over the years. While we love our greens a little too much, we also need the right tools, knowledge and good experience to create a lush and healthy foliage in our homes or offices. Read on to know more of how we’ve managed to capture nature and its infinite beauty in our projects.

In our gorgeous Karjat stay Peacock Life Living, landscaping has been explored to the maximum extent. Whilst being surrounded by lush greens soothes our hungry city souls, it’s important to understand how it serves as a vital component in the holistic design process. It serves a great purpose of merging nature with fabricated elements to design spaces that are functional yet visually captivating. Here in this image of one of our cottages, we’ve used a cluster of lush hanging planters filled to the brim with lovely ferns. Combined with other design elements that creates this space, it frames a perfect entryway to the cottage, also keeping it clean and mess free. A little thought goes a long way.

“The garden reconciles human art and wild nature, hard work and deep pleasure, spiritual practice and the material world. It is a magical place because it is not divided.” writes Thomas Moore, an Irish poet & lyricist. Rightfully said, landscaping or gardening adds infinite beauty to any space. Thoughtfully designed, it can also improve one’s mental and physical well-being. Most of our clients love greens as much as we do. In this project, the balcony space has been used as a functional yet a focal point of the house. The deep blue walls set a perfect backdrop for the lush abundant foliage that has taken over. Nothing more relaxing that unwinding here after a long day.

A well-done balcony can serve as a potential retreat in the midst of a metropolitan living. It attempts to give a sense of the great outdoors where you can unwind and enjoy the greenery. In this project, we’ve created a tropical environment encasing the periphery in potted plants of all kinds. A rustic outdoor seating overlooking the greens set a pleasant mood for this space. Just remember to provide sufficient love and care and watch your greens bloom.

Landscaping is not limited to just residential or hospitality spaces. It holds a great value in commercial spaces as well. Here, we’ve created a massive vertical garden installed centrally and catching maximum light. This installation not only adds greenery but also a visual buffer and creates a more immersive natural environment to help the teams relax. Using a variety of indoor plants also creates a layering of depth to the vertical wall. It’s also quite soothing to look at some lovely greens in the middle of a hectic day. Won’t you agree?

Speaking of vertical gardens, we have enjoyed using them in a lot of varied areas. In this project, we have kept it serene by cladding the walls of the entry way with lush foliage. Combined with other factors of design balanced with some lovely potted plants, you get a gorgeous tropical vibe when you enter. Few things to remember while creating a vertical oasis – choose plants suitable for your climate, good sunlight based on the plant type, a regular trim, and much love. Remember that every vertical garden is unique and requires adequate care. By staying attentive and consistent, you can enjoy a vibrant and a thriving green space in your own home.

Speaking of our eclectic retreat in Karjat, landscaping has played a cardinal role in design as it serves as a canvas and an inspiration for various creative ventures. Be it architecture or art or urban planning, natural and man-made environments greatly impact the aesthetics and functionality of the overall space. The interactions between such a space, design elements and us can shape our experiences and better understanding of our emotions. All in all, leading to create a much-needed harmonious space in a more sustainable way. Do visit our weekend getaway for a enriching way of living.

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