Peacock Life at the AD Design Show

As unexpected design often leads to unseen happiness. Here we are, at the AD Design show 2023!

Peacock Life, Hyderabad

Peacock Life, Hyderabad

With its unique blend of modern aesthetics and timeless elegance, Peacock Life by Shabnam Gupta has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. Peacock Life is not only taking the AD Design Show by storm with its stunning furniture collection but is also lending its creative touch to the show’s cafe design. With a reputation for crafting spaces that evoke elegance and charm, our curated collection of furniture pieces showcases the perfect harmony between form and function, making it a favourite amongst all. As we prepare to make our mark at the AD Design Show, we invite everyone to experience the artistry and innovation that define “Peacock Life.” Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine the world of design.

Peacock Life x AD

We welcome you all to come visit the show and experience it yourself!

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