Quick Tips to Brighten Your Home This Monsoon!

Here we’ve shown some of the ideas we’ve utilised to get our homes prepped for monsoon. We look forward to the rains each year and every year we go ga-ga in doing up our personal spaces to get cosy in the rains. Have a good read below while we share some thoughts from our creator’s creations…

#SEXYDECKS: Nothing beats this wondrous view of our Mumbai city, lounging on bright outdoor furniture’s with a cloudy overcast sky. We love our greens here with quirky décor spread across the deck. Our eccentric terracotta monkey’s sit atop the ledge overlooking us, also available for sale at our Peacock Life store in Karjat.
#CHEEKYDECOR: We absolutely love using funky statement pieces sprinkled here and there. This little piece is the perfect addition to this apartment balcony while we await the onset of rains.
#COLORMEPRETTY: Enliven your home with bursts of colours like this gorgeous vase holding up our favourite flowers. Subtle mood lighting simply adds on to this charm beating the gloomy outdoors.
#FRAGRANTCORNERS: Place scented candles on unique candle stands along with accent pieces on your accent table. Light them up to add warmth and romance to your home. This is the perfect spot to showcase your collectibles and create a cosy nook in your home.
#BEATINGTHEBLUES: We’ve gone all BLUE in this bedroom to beat the blues of monsoon! This colour works wonders to bring vibrancy to any space. Distressed finishes combined with a bright white bamboo ceiling brings a pop of energy combined with the open greens… a perfect haven to lounge during the rains.

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